Become a librarian for a Polish social club? Sure, why not…

On my journey to becoming a fully fledged librarian, I volunteered for a big job.

I have been recently appointed as the librarian for a private social club. The club is known as a library and dramatic circle. It has a theater attached and a library upstairs. But no one uses the library. The last librarian worked there in the early 1990s. The library is in complete disarray. It is filled with all kinds of donations. The club accepted them all because the library had no collection development policy of any kind. I wrote an interim policy and was appointed the librarian.

Did I mention that this was a club for Polish-Americans and Polish immigrants? Did I also mention that I don’t speak any Polish?

It will be a huge undertaking sorting these thousands of books and journals into some kind of order. I will have to decide what system is the best to use. Some of these books are from the turn of the century. There are handwritten manuscripts and artifacts. There are even two manual typewriters, one is Polish.

I will post photographs of my progress.

Learn Polish!
Bibliotekarz — Librarian


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