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Time to Purchase a New Bookcase

September 11, 2010

 My plan of attack is to simply unpack the many boxes of books on the floor and place them on shelves. This is so I can see the full collection and so that I can have some sorting room in the center. Right now the books are organized by the author’s last name. There is no subject sorting of any kind.

This picture is from the end of June. Here you can see the amount of boxes piled in front. 

Digging down through the boxes. In the doorway are the boxes emptied of books.

The space is nearly cleared.

A minor tragedy befell me. As I was placing a tiny book into a bookcase, the shelf gave way. It turns out that not all four of the shelf holders were present. Thankfully, it was a short fall and none of the books were damaged.

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An Interesting Find

August 28

I found some older books from around a hundred years ago. I am segregating the old books from the newer ones. The older books are in a separate room so that future patrons may look at them under the supervision of the librarian or clerk.

I also found this cool medical book, which as far as I can tell is meant for the home.

According to Google translate, (I know that it’s not a very good resource) the title means “Woman doctor home.”  Please leave a comment below if you have a better translation.

Update: The title could mean, “Domestic Doctor” or “Woman as home doctor”. Thanks to reader, J. D.


“Faces of Women”

A couple of other older books.

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