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Then and Now

January 28, 2011

Here are two before and semi-after pictures. The before pictures are from June 25, 2010. The semi-after photos are from January 28, 2011.

The table in the front room is cleaned off.


Clearing the Way

January 26, 2011

Good news! We have finally cleared the area around my desk. After many hours of work the front room is 90% cleared of boxes of books. The attached room is 70% clear. The process is underway for sorting and cataloging the 4000 volumes and the 400 hand-written plays.

Look at all the journals.

The front room is almost cleared of boxes.

The sorting table with boxes around and on top of it.

Now here are some neat finds.

Found the AMLDC Constituton in one of the desk drawers.

And here is a recent donation to the collection.


A brief note: I have recently finished graduate school which I had been attending full time for the past year and a half. I now have a great deal more time to devote to the Library and learning more Polish.

Clearing Up

January 22, 2011

After a little break, we are back with some updates. This time we concentrated on moving a lot of boxes from the front near the door to the back room. We have designated the cleared table in the back room as a sorting table.

We cleared a mound of personal papers off of the front table and stored them in the back room to be further organized.

Stacks of boxes were moved from here; now there is a clear space.

Clear space where there were boxes.

Our newly designated sorting table!

In the back room, we found dozens of books that are not relevant to our collection. We will be selling these books on Ebay to raise money for the Library.  In the next post, which will be up shortly, I will post pictures of the books for sale and links to the Ebay listings.

Learn Polish!

Sortowanie go–Sorting it out