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Brewed in Buffalo Release Party



Recent Additions to the Collection

Here are a couple recent additions to the library’s catalog.

The Image and the Figure: Our Lady of Czestochowa in Polish Culture and Popular Religion by Anna Niedzwiedz

The image of Our Lady of Częstochowa is the most famous and the most venerated holy image in Poland. In contemporary Poland the image is a kind of a cultural icon, instantly recognizable and connected with popular symbolic and mythological meanings. Presented in this book is an analysis of beliefs, narratives, myths and rituals. This analysis reveals that for its devotees the image is not merely a material object and a picture – it is perceived, lived and experienced as a real person – figure of Mary – Queen and Mother.

Masterpieces of Polish Painting by Maria Poprzecka

So stop by the Adam Mickiewicz Library and check these books out!