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Upcoming Book Sale Donation Request

The library is currently accepting donations for our sale to take place on May 4th and 5th.

We will be selling new and used Polish and English books, Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle t-shirts, and odds and ends.

We are accepting any donations including, books, odds and ends, and toys. Feel free to drop off donations Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings after 7:00.

All proceeds to benefit the library.

Thank you.


Cool video about Mickie’s

Here is a video made by college students, Rich Lunghino and Szymon Tomsia about the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle.

The Collection Expands

We are including the Polish Resource Collection as part of the collection at Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle. These volumes will be marked with book plates to indicate their origin. You may read about the Polish Resource Collection here.

We have also created a Twitter account, follow us @AMLDCLibrarian.

Stay tuned!

Adding to the List

I have been adding books to the WorldCat list and adding spine labels onto them. You can see my progress in the past few days.

Here you can see that I had to remove some books from a shelf, because it was missing a screw. A screw was found shortly after, however.

I was quickly running out of room, so I took all of the language and literature books, (all of the books whose call numbers begin with ‘P’) and moved them to their semi-final location, in the second room on the right side.


November 20th

Weeding is the name of the game for the library now. I am getting rid of all the books and other materials that do not pertain to the collection as a whole. There are a great deal of English language books that deal with all sorts of subjects such as geography and world history. There are also fiction books written in English.

I am going to sell off these books. For now they are out of the library in the hallway.

Learn Polish!

sprzedaż książki–book sale